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Hope everyone is having a productive week and looking forward to the weekend. This is Madihah from the Volunteering Team bringing you some updates on our progress so far and to also feature Ms. Chua, a dedicated volunteer from Penang.


Just last Sunday,
we had our usual PACA training at INVOKESpace where 25 people attended. It really suprises me how we can get these many people coming almost every weekend now. Our voters and volunteers are certainly feeling the heat of elections. Our trainers did a splendid job in explaining the entire process to our volunteers. PACA training at INVOKESpace happens every Sunday from 2PM to 5PM, no experience necessary, just come along! 

If you want to learn more about what is PACA or prepare yourself before the training, head to invokemalaysia.org/en/paca/.

Last week,
we held our daily phonebank at INVOKESpace and we want to congratulate our volunteer, Mariel for coming to phonebank multiple times already! The last time she came, she called 83 voters and talked to them about voting in the next general election. If one volunteer is able to call 83 people for 2 hours, imagine how many calls can be made if we multiply the amount of volunteers! Come over to INVOKESpace to join Mariel by logging on to http://volunteer.invokemalaysia.org.

Below is Mariel helping out during phonebank, thanks for all of your help!

And this week we bring you, 

All you need to know about the Budget 2018 – the facts, the figures and what Pakatan Harapan proposes to offer as an alternative. Our team of MPs and leaders are all hands on deck this week to explain and discuss how the Budget will affect you. All live from Rafizi Ramli and INVOKE Malaysia‘s Facebook page!

1) For tonight, we bring you Diskusi tonight with YB Rafizi Ramli, YB Hanipa Maidin, YB Wong Chen, and YB Ong Kian Ming at 8.30PM.
2)  For tomorrow, we bring you Bicara Srikandi with YB Yeo Bee Yin, Sdri. Rina and Sdri. Fareedah at 3.30 PM. 


Exclusively featured in our newsletter this week, 

Ms Chua’s story

Ever since INVOKE started a year ago, we were hopeful of the amount of volunteers we would gain to join us in this cause, all the while mindful that volunteerism may not be a part of the Malaysian culture just yet. So once in awhile, we find ourselves inspired by the volunteers who came, and never left. 

With this spirit, we would like to share a story about Ms Chua, a volunteer in Penang that has helped our Penang office since it started.

Below are excerpts from our interview with her:

What’s a short description of your background? 
I was a retired UK trained staff nurse & midwife. I got my nursing degree in my 40s. So I was the eldest in my cohort. The first reason I left for England was because I was not happy with the political situation at home but that was then, now my main reason coming back is because I want Malaysia to have fair and good governance.

Why did you volunteer for INVOKE?

Basically it’s because I admire Member of Parliament (MP) YB Rafizi Ramli, for the stand that he used his own money and then organize this NGO, basically it’s to go around seluruh Malaysia, to educate, especially the rural Malays and the fencesitters about the true situation that is happening in Malaysia. Because you cannot blame the rural Malays or I mean anybody for that matter in Malaysia because of the propaganda by TV3, all the newspapers are controlled by the government so the opposition have no chance of a fair hearing. And that’s why I started volunteering, and do what I can. 

What are the good/bad experiences collected from volunteering at INVOKE?

So for me, I think when I volunteer for phonebank, I was a bit conscious, also that I was quite pushy, and the pressure to be impartial. I realized in the beginning I was overzealous. Very keen to identify who they are voting for. And then if there’s a persuadable BN supporter, then I would go all out to persuade them, to tell them what is the actual current situation and that you must think of your future generation. Not only for your own race but for the whole of Malaysia. Because if one race is favoured eventually there’s going to be a problem, and I tend to steer the conversation that way and to help voters to think of the larger picture.

What are your hopes for Malaysia?

I am always positive and optimistic that there is a brighter future for Malaysia.

We thank Ms. Chua for all of her hardwork and sacrifices at INVOKE and for the greater community. 

Remember to start volunteering here! Update your recent location and we will match you to the nearest activity!

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Your contribution has made it possible for us to arrange and organize ground campaigns ay our targeted marginal constituencies. We have identified the fencesitters (persuadable voters) and in the next few months, we are going to amplify our effort to convince them to vote for Pakatan Harapan through phonebank and canvassing.

Your overwhelming support towards INVOKE Malaysia enable us to keep working together with Pakatan Harapan to win the next General Election. Click the button below to support us financially. Every contribution will bring us closer towards Change.

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Remember, you can always reach us by [email protected] or give us a call at 0192765200. Have a good week ahead and we’ll update the newsletter next week! 

Volunteering Team

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