6 Essential Kitchen Utensils For Vegans

Veganism has become a growing trend in recent years because of the countless benefits it entails. From leading an eco-friendly lifestyle to healthy eating, it’s no wonder more people are opting for this lifestyle change.

The vegan diet does not allow for consumption or use of animal products, which makes cooking vegan dishes much different than non-vegans would cook. It becomes necessary for vegans to have specific utensils and appliances in their kitchen to ensure they can enjoy delicious vegan food at any time.

Here is a list of 10 essential kitchen utensils every vegan should own:

  1. Rice cooker/multi cooker – You will need to learn how to cook rice independently in order to be fully equipped in the kitchen when you’re a vegan. Vegans can’t use the same rice cookers that non-vegans would, since they usually have a specific compartment for non-vegetarian ingredients. Rice cookers or multi cookers are a great addition to every vegan’s kitchen because they allow vegans to cook rice independently and prepare tasty dishes along with it.
  2. Blender – The blender is an essential kitchen utensil in any vegetarian’s or vegan’s home because of its versatile uses. You can make vegan milkshakes, soups, pastries and even some Indian desserts like lassi and payasam using a blender . It is important to choose a good quality product while buying blenders because they tend to break down often, which makes them an uneconomical choice.
  3. Juicer – Believed to be an important part of a healthy diet, juices are quickly gaining in popularity in the West too. Vegan juices can provide the body with essential nutrients and minerals while also satisfying your sweet tooth cravings. To make delicious vegan juice, you’ll need a good quality juicer that is able to extract the maximum amount of juice possible from fruits and vegetables. 4. Mandoline slicer- This is one of the most popular kitchen utensils among vegans because it makes cutting vegetables much easier than using conventional knives or other kitchen appliances like blenders . It allows you to cut your favorite veggies into evenly sized pieces, making cooking time far less than when you use conventional methods like knives.
  4. Spatula – Spatulas are an essential kitchen utensil because they allow for even distribution of ingredients when cooking vegan dishes. Using spoons is not a good option because it doesn’t result in even mixing of the ingredients, which becomes especially important if you’re preparing batter.
  5. Wooden Spoon – Even though metal spoons come in handy in many ways, wooden spoons are considered to be better than metal spoons by most vegans because they don’t scratch cookware surfaces and damage them over time like metal can do. You can use wooden spoons while tempering or frying spices to help remove any particles that may get stuck on your cookware .

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