We are the very few organisations in Malaysia that have a complete data of as many as 20-million profiled Malaysians.

The profiling allows us to identify which Malaysians are inclined to what cause and what messages may persuade them to join a campaign.

If you run a non-profit organisation looking to expand your reach, or if you intend to build an in-house data engine to harness your existing members, we can provide you with a range of services:

Collaborate with us to access like-minded individuals who may want to participate actively with your activities.
Build and organise your existing members/supporters into a data-driven system.
Utilise INVOKE’s Citizens Mobilisation and Management Solution (CMMS) known as RedBox to communicate and manage your members/supporters more efficiently.


We extend all the tools and applications we developed to mobilise our 42,000+ volunteers to other non-profit organisations at much-reduced fees. This helps other non-profit organisations adopt technology and data-driven system to harness the power of grass root volunteerism.

If you would like to access INVOKE’s 20-million profiling of Malaysians for your non-profit causes or discuss how to build your own in-house data engine, please talk to our Client & Commercial Services.


INVOKE provides campaign consultancy services to non-profit groups across South East Asia.

We share our vast experience in citizens mobilisation and persuasive messaging and help your organisation design a campaign setup that can tap into the resources of millions of grass root volunteers.

We have been involved in campaign consultancy for political parties and non-political organisations across South East Asia by offering the following campaign setup services:

• We assess existing organisational structure and recommend any changes, if necessary
• We design a campaign’s organisational structure that fits a data-driven and grass root-driven campaign plan
• We identify technology gaps and advise organisations on technology and data deployment

• We provide training and up-skilling in data analytics and digital marketing to bring organisations’ capability up to speed
• We assist organisations to identify and select campaign personnel according to job specifications that are developed to drive grass root campaigns
• We provide progress tracking service to organisations to ensure campaigns are run according to progress milestones

We bill non-profit clients at discounted manhour rate so that non-profit organisations around South East Asia can benefit from INVOKE’s proprietary technology that we developed in-house.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to find out how you can benefit from INVOKE’s grass root campaign expertise.


INVOKE offers options to non-profit organisations either to develop in-house data analytics team or to outsource data analytics work to INVOKE in Kuala Lumpur.

If you decide to develop your in-house data analytics team, INVOKE shall be responsible as a consultant to your campaign team to implement big data analytics in their campaign. We will provide the necessary technical skills and know-how to guide your campaign team to implement the project, but the actual analytics will be carried out by the campaign team.

However, it is usually quite a challenge to source for competent experts in analytics (data scientists, data analysts, statisticians, data programmers etc.) to work for a limited time on a political or non-profit campaign. They are either too expensive or they are unwilling to quit their current job.

It is easier and cheaper to get INVOKE to process the data and provide the required profiling analyses from our Kuala Lumpur’s HQ, given that we do this routinely as part of our business activities.

We bill non-profit clients at discounted manhour rate to extend campaign analytics capability to as many non-profit organisations as possible.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to find out how you can deploy campaign analytics in your organisation today.


INVOKE raised the most crowdfunding amount for a non-profit cause in the history of Malaysia. INVOKE raised USD2.5 million through crowdfunding over a one-year period. Most of the crowdfunding amounts were smaller than USD10 each.

Crowdfunding is a crucial tool in any non-profit campaign. It is the most transparent and ethically sound means of raising funds that free political parties and non-profit organisations from vested interest.

Most importantly, it builds a sense of belonging among grass root contributors and volunteers. Successful crowdfunding campaigns help permeates campaign messages among the targeted audience, as grass root contributors and volunteers actively share campaign messages through the social media and electronic messaging services.

There is a direct correlation between successful campaigns with the success of crowdfunding efforts.

INVOKE offers consultancy services to non-profit organisations to build your crowdfunding capabilities.

If you are a Malaysian entity, we offer crowdfunding services. We run your crowdfunding campaign and is remunerated at a certain percentage of the crowdfunding amount raised.

Talk to our Client & Commercial Services to start your crowdfunding campaign today.


There is no harm to explore. INVOKE becomes what it is today because we were not afraid to explore.

If you are interested to discuss further any of our products or services, drop us a message today.

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