INVOKE aims to help progressive & pro-reform candidates win in future general elections with a combination of Community Organising, Micro-Targeting & Grassroots Financing. all supported by Big Data Analytics.


We at INVOKE believe that truly fundamental change can only be achieved with a change in government. And, more importantly, a change to the government policies that powerfully shape our lives.

Community service alone is insufficient. INVOKE will build on service towards mobilization.

INVOKE will offer progressive & pro-reform candidates the ground presence & volunteer machinery they need to win, in exchange for firm commitments to concrete policy reform.

Do your part now.

Community Service

  • Sports tournaments
  • Free workshops & classes
  • Free clinics

Community Advocacy

  • Ceramah kelompok
  • Petitions

Community Campaigning

  • Voter registration
  • Voter canvassing
  • Voter protection


Professional design attracts young voters and helps convince the undecided that Pakatan is ready to govern.

Young full-time talent with the necessary skills in information technology, public relations & management will ensure that INVOKE succeeds.

Technology will allow INVOKE to overcome our resource disadvantage against BN-UMNO.

These all come at a cost.

INVOKE will raise more funds from small donors, not just because we can’t succeed otherwise – but also because it is more principled and democratic.

Clean up political funding now.

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