Calling all Malaysians around the world to contribute together to the effort of rebuilding our nation.

Dear Malaysians, we are only a few weeks away from GE-14, and probably a new future of Malaysia. We can’t let this opportunity to slip away from our hands, again. You can still play a role in the next general election, even when you are abroad.

Change does not happen because you wish for it, change happen when you do something about it.


There are two ways you can contribute to INVOKE Malaysia, from overseas.

Please take note of the following:

    • Please ignore the Country field as it is already set to “Malaysia”
    • Please provide the details required(*)
    • It is not compulsory to complete the billing address
    • If the transaction did not go through, you may have to call you bank or your VISA/Mastercard to allow Oversea Transaction

To contribute through credit card


Use the given SWIFT code and branch code below when you want to implement wire transfer at your bank.


Please email to [email protected] for any inquiry.

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